The Pondersosa – the former Tarkio College apartments – are coming down after years of sitting empty and falling into disrepair. Josh Wright of Tarkio has purchased the property and is having the buildings torn down and property cleaned up to make personal use of the land. It will take a few months to get the project completed.

The Pond was the place to be and allowed Tarkio College students with spouses and children to  have a place to live while earning their degree. The apartments surrounded a basketball court and there were benches throughout the area where people could hang out.

Sadly, after Tarkio Academy closed and the apartments emptied of its occupants, the Pond buildings became dilapidated and the open space you see in the picture above taken by Paul Matthew Luedde (taken from Tarkio College…”The Pond and Beyond” on Facebook) became completely overgrown with weeds and trees. Doors and windows were left open allowing anything and everything to get inside and it was not a safe place to be, structurally speaking.

Though it’s sad to see another piece of Tarkio’s history demolished, it had become a dangerous eyesore and needed to come down.