Opaa Food Service and Tarkio R-I School recently honored Cindy Lee for 25 years of service in the food service department. The elementary gathered to honor her. Tyne Chaney, Opaa Di- rector, and Michelle Navin, Tarkio kitchen manager, organized the celebration to go along with National Lunch Hero Week. Volunteer teachers read fun facts

like in the past 25 years, Cindy has served enough chicken patties to lay end to end from Tarkio to Shenandoah, Iowa, enough servings of mashed potatoes to fill an average-sized backyard swimming pool, and enough pizza slices to reach from here to Kansas City, Missouri! Cindy was given a card signed by staff and kids and a flower planter.

Cindy Lee, middle, was recently honored for her 25 years of service to the food department at Tarkio R-i. Those attending the ceremony held in her honor included her daughter-in-law, Barb Lee, left, and granddaughter, Megan Lee, right.