A College Campus Clean- up is planned for Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15, 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. each day at Tarkio College. Volunteers (individuals and organizations) are asked to help clean up the campus in preparation for the Tarkio College Alumni Weekend. Meet at Thompson Library (behind Rankin).

Dave Hoffman, Facility Manager at Tarkio College, said, “All of the communities and the entire county have been most supportive and helpful in our efforts to reopen the campus. We are excited and firmly believe in it! We like your support and hope to get a big turnout for the clean-up this year.”

There will be a one hour planning meeting on Thurs- day, June 13, at 9:00 a.m. for anyone who can attend and get a jump start on Friday. Everything will begin at the Thompson Library behind Rankin. Water, trash bags, and maybe more will be provided.

Organizers hope to get as much man/womanpower as possible for one or both days. Bring the family! Small ones can be sure everyone has water or bring questions to Thompson if there’s an issue. There are plenty of things to do, according to Hoffman. “If my current list runs out I have more to add,” he said.

A list of projects includes:

• Weeding and mulching of the Bell Garden, Memo- rial Garden and around the u.S. Flag pole.

• Cut up and remove metal around the old boiler plant. Klosek’s is providing a recycling dumpster. They have a band saw and generator but could use another band saw or similar equipment.
• Remove lots of trash and dirt from inside the boil- er plant. A dumpster will also be present.

•Cut up an old salt spreader for recycling. They need a forklift and torch if someone has these to help.

• Clear off the flat roof attached to the boiler plant. They need a tractor/skid loader with a front loader.

• Trim bushes around Rankin.

• Remove trash and limbs from courtyard beside Slusher and take to the burn pile out back.

• Work on the big Tarkio College sign.

Some of these tasks (especially those requiring saws and other power equipment) must be done by experienced individuals.

Tools and equipment that would be most helpful are all sizes of shovels, hoes, rakes, spades, wheel barrow, and hedge trimmers. If anyone has a lawn tractor with a trailer that would be great for hauling brush and limbs and trash to the burn pile.

For more information, call Laura Gibbons, administrative assistant at Tarkio College.