Max Hopkins, owner of “Little Red’s Keeper of the Bees” honey production, is shown in earlier photos taken by his mother, Robin Lewis, working with his bee hives before they were stolen in June.

In June, Max Hopkins, Fairfax, Missouri, discovered that honey frames had been taken from his bee hives, a production that he has been proudly cultivating and taking care of for many years. Because the honey was stolen, the bees died off when their food source was taken. Hopkins lost not only the honey but approximately 60,000 – 100,000 bees.

The outpouring of support in our community is truly inspiring. Last month, the Atchison County Mail published a story in the paper and social media about the theft, which put Max’s honey production out of business – for now.

After posting about the story on Facebook, Max’s story was shared 430 times and reached over 40,000 people through the Atchison County Mail’s Facebook page. After reading about Max, generous people reached out and donated money in order to help him start his bee operation back up again.

“I want to thank the individuals who reached out and wanted to help. There is more good in the world than not. I am lucky to live in such a supportive community where people care,” Max said.

Max plans to continue his hive production next May when he will be able to add new frames of bees. The stolen hive would have produced over $1,000 in honey sales but Max is determined to continue his hobby and looks forward to selling his popular bottled honey, “Little Red’s Keeper of the Bees,” soon.