The Tarkio, Westboro, Fairfax Food Pantry needs your help. The food pantry, located on Main Street in Tarkio, sustained heavy rain damage this spring and the building is now unfit for continued use. Thanks to Sodbusters, the food pantry will have a new home at 315 Main Street later this summer. They will need to raise $5-7,000 to help with moving expenses and to demolish the old building so that it is not a danger or an eyesore to the community. No one group or church can foot the cost on their own, but they are praying and hoping that if many hands can contribute in small ways to this effort, then together everyone can raise what is needed to enable this ministry to continue and flourish. If you can help, please send donations to: Tarkio, Westboro Community Care Center, Inc., in care of Nancy Barrett, 501 South 8th Street, Tarkio, MO 64491.