1st place Erickson Farms

The Erickson Farms team won first place in the Wildcat Days Tournament. Pictured above (left to right) are: front row – Jake Bates, Josh Erickson, Cody Lang, Rich Campbell, and Callen Curtis; back row – Roddy Nuckles, Jeremiah Erickson, John Leazenby, Travis Curtis, Dalton Erickson, Chris Yates, and Steve Erickson. Kyle Hefley and Ty Campbell are not pictured.

2nd place Amthor Farms

Second place in the Wildcat Days Tournament went to the Amthor Farms team. Pictured above (left to right) are: Matt Amthor, Aaron Behrens, Luke Forney, Kevin Dodson, Jarrett Spinnato, Kevin Sundermann (with son, Sage), Nate Jeter, Damond Wennihan, Seth Spire, and Gage McAdams. Taylor Hurst and Chase Chamberlain are not pictured.

3rd place Alcabolics

Placing third in the Westboro Wildcat Days’ softball tournament were the Alcabolics. Team members included, from left to right: front row – Kevin Johnson, Frank Saddlemire, and Jake Cerven; and back row – Chris Osborn, Marcus Birt, Kaleb Kahue, Austin Ascherl, Luke McClarnon, Matt Potratz, and Damian Barnett.