In 1939, the first Hall Reunion was held at Waubonsie State Park. Over the 80 years, this traditional event has been held numerous places. The Halls continued to celebrate their heritage at the Rock Port Senior Center on August 4, 2019.

This year, it was a balmy, summer day and the gathering was not to be ruined by the recent Missouri River flooding.

Those in attendance were: Kevin, Michel, Noah, Victoria, and Johanna Jones; Donna Hall; Danny, Rebecca, Kelley, Corey, Kristi, Philip, Thomas and Belle Herron; Judy Raya, Jeremy and Sara Clodfelter; Terry Lair; Joe, Amy, Jackie and Abby Bradley; Gabe Minter (guest); Brian and Julee Peregrine; and Nick and Bradley Howell.

Terry Lair read a prayer written by Caroline Thompson that dated back to 1943 followed by great food and conversation. A short business meeting was held afterwards.