The Outdoor Triathlon trap event winner was Cunningham Farms, including members Michael Graves, Cary Chase, Robert Gibson, and Jarod Graves. (Photos submitted by Wally Riebesell)

The Outdoor Triathlon rifle event winner was the Atchison County Shooting Sports Team, including members Darrel Wilson, Tabor Strong, Tanner Strong, and Wally Riebesell.

The Outdoor Triathlon golf event winner was Dr. Burke’s Aerial Assassins, including members Troy Cook, Trevor Hale, Jordan Shrader, and Rebel Herron.

The Overall Outdoor Triathlon Champion was Team Farr, with team members Larry Farr, Shawna Farr, Ashton Morris and Matt Steins.

The Overall Outdoor Triathlon 2nd Place Team was MO Valley Ag #2, with members Connor Dignan, Tom Howard, Troy Hale, and Jamison Liles.

The Overall Outdoor Triathlon 3rd Place team was Team Bear, including members Joe Haake, Jeromy Wiebelhous, Hunter Voltmer, and Andy Voltmer.

The Outdoor Triathlon raffle winners were Greg Whitlock (scope), Tanner Strong (.22), Tabor Strong (10/22), and Larry Lange (1911).