The Dairy Diner sign is a familiar sight for those who live in and regularly travel through Fairfax, Missouri. Rays’ Dairy Diner was recently featured by “Only In Your State.”

Beth Price-Williams wrote: If you’re looking for the perfect (and most delicious) way to beat the heat during a Missouri summer, then you should swing by this tiny ice cream shop. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the soft serve you can buy there might be some of the best in the state! It’s a great destination for a summer afternoon.

Virtual hands up if you agree that nothing beats ice cream when it comes to a delicious, refreshing treat. Even better? We can enjoy ice cream all year around and even eat it for breakfast if we want. If you love soft serve, you’ll definitely want to visit this small town ice cream shop in Missouri that serves some of the best. (You can also treat yourself to delicious diner food, too.)