August 25, 1944

• Young lady, if your boyfriend is in Australia, you’d better write him today and every day. The Australian Information Bureau says that an estimated 10,000 American servicemen in that country have married Australian girls. The more than 7,000 marriages registered with American consulates do not include recent weddings.

• Science and laboratory equipment of the Daleview high school is being offered at public auction at the school building. War conditions have necessitated the discontinuance of the Daleview school for a while and the board thinks it advisable to dispose of the equipment mentioned.

August 28, 1969

• For the third time since its inception 20 years ago (November 1949), the Fairfax Community Hospital has again conquered its growing pains with a new 22-bed addition. Built at a cost exceeding $200,000, the ultra-efficient facility will hold an open house Sunday, August 31, from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. All three extensions were built under the supervision of S.J. Peterson, who sought no pay for his services on any of the projects, and used local labor and locally purchased materials.

• Mrs. Wilber Heitman returned last week from a two-week visit to the British Isles. She was one of 14 students from NWMSC at Maryville who joined a 70-member tour for the trip. Mrs. Heitman was delighted with her trip and was particularly impressed with the beautiful flowers in the countries she visited.

August 25, 1994

• The 29th annual Fairfax Fair was held this past weekend. Crowned Little Miss Fairfax was Chelsie Bright and Little Mr. Fairfax was Michael Graves. Junior Miss Fairfax was Lacy Sly and Miss Fairfax was Amber Seymour. This was the first year for the Junior Miss Fairfax Contest.

• The Sharp’s Grove Church family honored John and Carolyn Bunt at a going-away supper on August 17 at Sharp’s Grove Church. John and Carolyn will be moving to Idaho soon. The new Wick building that is to be used as a fellowship hall has the sides and roof completed now.