Community Hospital-Fairfax held a dedication ceremony for their new Hitachi Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) module on Thursday, September 12, 2019. Many people worked hard to see this project accomplished and a slideshow was presented showing the installation and processes completed to get it ready. Ann Schlueter is pictured above, recognizing all those people who made this endeavor possible.

CH-F CEO Julie Jones, Chief Operating Officer Ann Schlue-ter and Director of Radiology Beth Mackey, and Alva Stoner, Foundation board member, are pictured above at the MRI dedication.

As Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) reached its ninth year of existence in the new facility, it was also celebrating its new onsite Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) with a dedication ceremony held Thursday, September 12, 2019. The Hitachi MRI module will replace the twice a week mobile service that previously served CH-F, making MRI services available daily at Community Hospital-Fairfax.

MRIs are used for a variety of diagnostic purposes including neurological, vascular, orthopedic, cardiac and pediatric exams. MRI imaging uses a large magnet to look at organs and structures and provides very clear pictures of soft tissues inside your body. These images show abnormalities helpful in diagnosing cancer, blood vessel and heart disease and many types of orthopedic injuries.

Community Hospital-Fairfax’s MRI offers many comforts for patients. It is the widest wide bore in the industry and can accommodate individuals up to 550 pounds. It is well lit and equipped with technology which has resulted in 90% reduction in audible noise. The table also lowers making the MRI easier to access for individuals with limited mobility.

“Over the last several years, appointments with our mobile MRI services have become limited due to federal transportation laws. Onsite MRI will expand availability for diagnostic services with more appointments available. The Hitachi model also has a wider bore providing a more comfortable setting for our patients,” explained Aron Burke M.D., Chief of Staff.

At the dedication ceremony, CH-F’s Chief Operating Officer Ann Schlueter recognized the many people and organizations who brought this project to fruition and described the hard work that went into seeing it through. A slideshow of video, made by CH-F’s Kris Umbarger and her husband, showing the installation of the MRI, was also presented during the ceremony.

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