Full back Colten Stevens hurdles a defender as he fights for extra yardage.

Defensive lineman Kalen LaHue gets set for the snap of the ball.

The Blue Jays traveled to Stewartsville, Missouri, Friday, September 13, to take on the Cardinals.

Rock Port’s Joey Herron was back deep to receive the opening kick-off. The Cardinals kicked a low line drive back to Herron who was able to get the ball back to the 16 yard line. On the second play from line of scrimmage running back Joey Herron would go 64 yards to put the first points on the board. The PAT was no good making the score 0-6.

The Cardinals started on their 25 yard line and moved the ball down the field in seven plays to tie the game at 6 to 6.

Starting on their  own 34 yard line the Jays marched the ball down the field with runs from Herron and fullback Colten Stevens to the 11 yard line before Stevens would go off tackle left to put six more points on the board. Herron’s two point conversion was good.

The Cardinals would move the ball to the Rock Port 33 yard line before turning the ball over on downs.

Rock Port would run three plays before ending the first quarter. After moving sides on a fourth down and a long one fullback Colten Stevens would take the hand-off from quarterback Alex Burke on a dive up the middle. Stevens would pick up six and the first down. The next play Herron would scramble 35 yards for the touchdown. The PAT was no good making the score 8-20.

Rock Port would attempt an onside kick, but the Cardinals would recover on their 31 yard line.

On a third and long, a Stewartsville freshman quarterback connected on a crossing route that would go all the way bringing the score to 14-20. The PAT was no good.

Following a failed onside kick the Cardinals kicked it deep to Joey Herron, who ran it back to the 12 yard line before being taken down. The next play Colten Stevens would go up the middle for six points. Herron’s two-point attempt was good, making the score 14 to 28 Rock Port.

Stewartsville answered back in five plays bringing the score to 20-28.

In the next series Rock Port drove the ball down the field to Stewartsville’s 25 yard line before fumbling the ball. The Jays’ defense came up big holding the Cardinals to a three and out.  Quarterback Alex Burke would take the offense from their 20 yard line to pay dirt in six plays where full back Colten Stevens had a six yard run for a touchdown. Gabe Abbott’s reception for two gave the Jays a 20-36 lead with 33 seconds left in the first half.

The Cardinals wasted no time coming out and answering the Blue Jays with four plays and a touchdown, making the score 26-36.

Stewartsville’s defense held the Jays and the Cardinal offense took full advantage, taking the ball 40 yards down the field for a touchdown but no extra point, making the score 32-36.

After receiving the kick-off the Blue Jays would answer three plays later with a 35 yard touchdown run by Herron. Abbott’s reception from Burke for the two-point conversion was good, bringing the score to 32-44.

The Jays’ defense would hold the Cardinals to a three and out. On a series for dive plays Rock Port moved the ball down the field where fullback Colten Stevens punched it in. Herron’s two-point conversion was good and the score was 32-52.

The Cardinals, on a out and up route, would find pay dirt with 28 seconds left in the third quarter. The two-point conversion was no good making the score 38-52.

Rock Port would again march down the field with good runs by Stevens and Herron before quarterback Burke would hit Herron in the end zone for six. Stevens’ two-point conversion was good and the Jays’ lead was increased to 38-60.

The Cardinals would bust a long run and answer quickly bringing the score to 44-60.

Two plays later, runningback Joey Herron would bust a 45 yard run and the touchdown. Stevens’ two-point conversion was good, and the score was  44-68.

Following the kick-off defensive lineman Kade Jones would bust through to recover a quarterback fumble. The Jays would take full advantage as runningback Micah Makings would punch a six yard carry in the end zone for the last RP touchdown on the night. The two-point conversion was no good, making the score 44-74.

The Cardinals would score one last time before time expired, bringing the final score to 50 to 74 Rock Port.

Rock Port travels to Burlington Junction to take on the NorthWest Muskets on Friday, September 20.