Missouri entered the Union as the 24th state on August 10, 1821, and will celebrate 200 years of Statehood on August 10, 2021. In 1836, the United States government acquired a portion of land from area Indian tribes which added 3,149 square miles of land to the State of Missouri; Holt County was included in what is now known as the Platte Purchase.

Holt County’s State Bicentennial Committee was formed to provide information regarding Holt County’s storied past and to increase interest in our history. “Voices of the Past – Memorable Holt County Citizens,” a program of the Holt County Bicentennial Committee and also coordinated by the Holt County Missouri Historical Society, and the Holt County Museum and Research Center in Oregon will bring Holt County pioneers and citizens to life through narrations and actor portrayals, and will also highlight the cemeteries in which they are buried.

The program, open to the public, will be held Sunday, October 13, 2019, at 2:00 p.m. at the historic State Theater in Mound City, Missouri. There is no charge, but donations will be gratefully accepted; donations received will be used to help purchase a case to display the bicentennial quilt in the courthouse and fund future bicentennial events.

Missouri 2021 is an initiative of The State Historical Society of Missouri and its Center for Missouri Studies.