The Fairfax R-3 students participated in a Health Fair Wednesday, October 2, 2019. John Brown and Josh Smith are pictured above at the blood pressure station.

Dr. David Scarbrough, D.D.S., above, checks Abbi Umbarger’s teeth at the health fair.

The annual health fair at Fairfax R-3 was held on September 2, 2019. Volunteers on hand to screen students were: Dr. David Scarborough, D.D.S., for dental screens with Mandy Smith assisting; Walmart Vision Center for vision screens with Tracy Oswald assisting; Jo Beth Vance recorded heights and weights; and the Atchison-Holt Ambulance District, consisting of John Brown, Trevor Brown, Clint Vanderpool, Pam Haer, and Taylor Ireland, recorded blood pressures.

Eight Hi Step TNT students assisted with retrieving and directing each grade to the gym.

Others helping were Daniel Umbarger, Marisa  Hedlund, Debra Wyatt, Madison Hagey, Kerry Baker, Tammy Grossman, Alisha Straub, and the school cooks for another successful health fair.

The Community Hospital-Fairfax physical therapy staff performed scoliosis screens on September 3 for students grades five through eight.