Submitted by Pastor Donna Clark Fuller, Rock Port and Watson UMC

“For a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past,” Psalm 90:4

We seem to be having an early winter this year. We seem to have gone straight from summer to winter without much fall. It also seemed like we went from winter to summer without much spring earlier in the year. When the seasons move slowly from one to the other, it is easier to adjust, but when they move abruptly we are not always ready for the change.

There are seasons in our lives as well. When we are young, the time seems to go by very slowly. We are anxious to be grown up, to be independent, to have control over our own lives. As we age, time seems to go by much more quickly. We are not so anxious to get older and we seem to want to hold on to the time in our lives when we were younger. And like the seasons of weather, if the changes of old age come to our bodies too quickly, we are not always ready for those changes to happen.

The scripture above reminds us that God is above all the changes through time that we experience. God does not grow old, decline in health, or go into a time of winter. But God remains the same throughout all of those changes that we experience. But I do believe that God is not apart from the journey that we travel on this earth, but rather God’s presence is with us on that journey. Even as God has created the seasons on earth and God has created us with seasons of growth, life and death, God has also given us the hope of life above all of those changes. Even as God’s Spirit is eternal, God has offered to us the chance of an eternal spirit within us, and an eternal life with our Creator.

When we accept the life that God has offered us, we can live through many seasons, many changes. We can see beyond those changes to that which does not change. We can see the eternal life God offers us and know that it is an offer out of eternal love.