Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Ms. Amy, Ms. Katie, and Ms. Lisa needed some recipes from their students at Atchison County Head Start in order to deliver the most appetizing turkey their guests would ever have on Thanksgiving day.

Students submitted the following recipes:

Isaiah – Cook it on fire.

Giovanni – Get a turkey in the cornfield. Put it on the stove. You have to burn it to get it hot and then you have to blow because it’s hot. You know it’s done if the burn is done. You put salt on the turkey, that’s all.

McKynna – Get a turkey from the farm. Put him in a pan on the stove. Leave it for 5 minutes on very hot. Then it’s done!

Maci – Get him in the garden. Cook him in the kitchen.

Avery – Get a turkey from a restaurant. Put salt on it to make it salty and hot. Then put it in the oven on 40 degrees for 40 minutes. Then you eat it! Then get a drink of water.

Gary – Mama cooks a turkey.

Rory – First, go hunting for a turkey. Then put it in a pan with some salt nothing else. Put it in the oven on 10. Leave it in for 3 minutes. Then we eat it.

Gentry – Get a turkey at WalMart. Put it in the oven in a cooking pan with a lot of salt. The oven should be super hot. The turkey should be in too long. Then you eat it.

Haleena – First get a turkey from the zoo. Just get it out of the cage. Then kill it with a knife and put it on the stove. Cook it in a pan for 10 minutes on 421 degrees. Then you eat it with a knife.

Matthew – Get a turkey at the turkey store. Put some ketchup and some lettuce on it and put it in the oven to make it good to eat. It will be hot and you can burn yourself so be careful.

Alan – Get a turkey at Mamaw’s house. Turn the switches on the oven to 14. Put the turkey in a pan with a spoon and a fork. Put it in the oven. Leave it in for 40 minutes. Then open the oven and put it on the stove to eat it.

Bailey – Get a turkey in a turkey place that is magical. Cut it and put it in a pan. Put it in the oven for 60-90 minutes for 91 degrees. Put salsa and salt and pepper and spices and chicken and broccoli on it. Then take it out and serve it to the people that want it.

Jaxson – Get a turkey at my house and cook it on the stove to make it with a spatula to make it hot.

Lane – Cook it

Brendan – Cook it

Violet – Cover the turkey with flour and seasoning. Put some sugar on it. Cook it outside over a campfire. Cook it for 20 minutes. Then, you eat it.

Lance – Go to the turkey store and buy a turkey. Cook it in the oven for 4 hours at 8 degrees. Take it out of the over, cut it, and eat it.

Presley – Go to the dollar store and get a turkey. Put it in the over on a pan. Make the oven really hot. Cook it for 4 minutes. Then, put it on a plate and cut it up with a knife. Then, put it on a little plate and eat it.

Harper – Go hunting for a turkey with my family. Get a little turkey and a big turkey. Take the turkeys home. Put ranch dressing on them. Turn the oven to 5 degrees and put your turkey in. Cook them for one minute. Then, put them back out into the wild.

Lucas – Cook it in the oven.

Jacob – Go to the store and get a turkey. Make the oven super hot. Put some spiders on the turkey. Put the turkey in the oven for a long time. Take it out and eat it.

Dakota – Go to the store and get a turkey. Bring it home and cook it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Then, you eat it.

Paxton – Get a turkey at the grocery store. Put it in the crock pot for 5 hours. Take it out and eat it.

Noah – Put a turkey in the toaster for 4 minutes. Take it out and eat it.

Emma – Go shopping and get a turkey. Take it in the kitchen and cook it in the oven. Cook it for 2 minutes and then mom checks it, so it doesn’t burn my hands. Mom cuts up the turkey and we eat it.