January 12, 1945

Atchison County will be one hundred years old on April 14, 1945. The fact that the county reaches its centennial this year should call for some manner of observance or celebration, regardless of the fact that a war is in progress. Naming the county after General Atchison brought to this county the distinction of bearing the name of a man who became president of the United States for a day. Through the death in 1830 of the then incumbent of the office of U.S. Senator, General Atchison was appointed to the vacancy in the Senate. He was re-elected for two full terms in succession, the last of which expired March 4, 1855, during the administration of Franklin Pierce.

January 8, 1970

The Rock Port Volunteer Fire Dept. answered an alarm January 6 at 7:05 p.m. at the Robert Fay residence. According to Fire Chief Buck Greer, the fire was caused by a short in the wiring running to a heater in the garage, which caught some wood for the fireplace on fire. By the time the fireman arrived, Bob, good fireman that he is, had all the material that was on fire thrown out of the garage. Damage included a pair of Bob’s pants burned off the garage wall and considerable smoke damage to the garage and house.

January 12, 1995

The thieves have been busy in our area over the past six months. Dennis Martin reports there have been 18-20 break-ins. The majority have been west of Highway 59 and north and south to the county lines. The thieves have hit unoccupied homes and isolated buildings. In one incident, the thieves must have thought that the people were still out of town as this stealing act was the only one with the victims at home.  Joe Gayler’s tools in a quanset near Hoot Owl Bend were stolen and a big mess was left behind. Gordon VanMeter had tools stolen and vandalism on a vehicle that was in his shop being worked on.