The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, December 4, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at Tarkio City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call was taken by City Clerk Rebecca Jones. Aldermen Blu Dow, Mike Klosek, and Scott Poppa were present. Alderman Andy Riley was absent.

The public hearing was opened for citizens to voice their opinions on small houses. Mike Klosek, Sr. asked if there was a size specified for the houses. The sizes are addressed in the ordinance and were read by Mike Klosek, Jr.

Mayor Morehouse closed the public hearing and called the regular meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.

Mayor Morehouse asked for the approval of the regular meeting minutes of November 13, 2019, as distributed. The minutes were approved.

Filings will open December 17, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. and will close January 21, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. for the April 7, 2020, election. One alderman from the North Ward, one alderman from the South Ward and the position of Mayor will be up for election in 2020. Blu Dow and Mike Klosek are the aldermen up for reelection and Timothy Morehouse as Mayor.

Visitors present for the meeting were Board of Public Works employees and board member Curtis Hedrick, Jessica Walker, Nancy Barrett and Kyra Mills; Diane Hofer with Olsson Associates; Mike Klosek, Sr.; Amy Weidenaar; Richard Weidenaar; Joy Young; Neely Horton; and city employees – Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby, Chief Tyson Gibbons, and Animal Control Officer Chris Hogue.

Mayor Morehouse asked if the visitors had anything to add to the meeting. Amy Weidenaar wanted to speak on an incident with a resident of her home and a police officer. The board asked for two members to speak with her in private after the meeting.

Diane Hofer was present to update the board and mayor on the progress with the Airport Layout Plan and the Runway/Lighting Project. Samples of the dirt to be trucked in will be taken to see if the compaction is sufficient or if an additive will be needed. A total of 1,000 cubic yards of dirt will be needed to build up the runway and the completed length will be 3,600 feet. Looking long-term, the project completion date will hopefully be November 2020.

Alderman Riley arrived at 6:20 p.m.

Mayor Morehouse asked for approval of James Allen to be on the Tarkio Board of Public Works board, replacing Kevin Hurst. The aldermen voted to approve James Allen to serve on the Tarkio Board of Public Works Board.

Mayor Morehouse asked for approval of the 2020 liquor licenses as listed: Casey’s – Intoxicating liquor original package, not to be consumed on premises, Sunday sales included, $450.00; Tarkio Golf Club, Inc. – 5% beer to be consumed on premises, Sunday sales included, $75.00; Dollar General – original package with no Sunday sales, $150.00; Hy-Vee – Intoxicating liquor original package, not to be consumed on premises, Sunday sales included $450.00; My Store 3 – Intoxicating liquor original package, not to be consumed on premises, Sunday sales included $450.00. All liquor licenses were approved for 2020.

Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 243-19, Ordinance 229.19 by title, An Ordinance Approving Amendments to Chapter 405 of the Tarkio Code Of Ordinances Regarding Small Houses. Klosek made a motion to approve Bill No. 243-19, Ordinance 229.19. Dow seconded the motion. Discussion was held on a portion of the ordinance pertaining to off street parking. Aldermen voted: Dow aye, Klosek aye, Poppa nay, and Riley nay. Mayor Morehouse voted to break the tie with an aye vote.

Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill No. 243-19, Ordinance 229.19 by title. Dow made a motion to approve Bill No. 243-19, Ordinance 229.19. Klosek seconded the motion. Votes were taken: Riley nay, Poppa nay, Dow aye, and Klosek aye. Mayor Morehouse voted to break the tie with an aye vote. Bill 243.19, Ordinance 229.19 passed.

Mayor Morehouse asked for approval of the 2019 firemen’s yearly pay as listed.

Shall the city set up an HRA through Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)? Clerk Jones explained the Health Reimbursement Account to the board. Riley made a motion to approve setting up the HRA, Klosek seconded the motion, and four ayes voted to accept the motion and the second.

The Sycamore R-V rental contract was updated by adding language for parking as a permanent resident, which is not allowed. The aldermen voted unanimously to approve the Sycamore R-V rental contract.

Morehouse asked everyone to start thinking about the 2020 budget. Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association has added recommendation for the city to fix or replace two of the city buildings. The Street Maintenance Building and the Animal Pound/Park Maintenance Building both are in bad shape.

Department Reports

Blu Dow – City Buildings. The west side of the Polk School House roof has been completed.

Michael Klosek – Fire Department. Mayor Morehouse informed the board that the lights are antiquated at the fire department and will need replaced someday. Klosek reported Fire Chief Bredensteiner reported the old 1999 ambulance at the fire department is owned three ways. When sold, should the volunteer department give the city back its third of the profit (it was sold for $2,500.00) or can they use that portion for equipment? The aldermen voted unanimously to allow the fire department to keep the one-third part of the city’s portion to go towards equipment.

Andy Riley – Parks & Pool. Chris Hogue informed the board that a locate was put in for the practice field where the poles are going to be replaced. Mayor Morehouse asked Hogue if he knew that the locate is only good for 10 days and would have to be redone when they were ready to put them up.

Scott Poppa – Street Department. Jamie Quimby reported all equipment is up-to-date on maintenance and ready for winter use. The white dump truck does need some welding done on the tailgate. True 2 U will be contacted about getting this done. The brush pile area has been quite busy with fall clean-up going on. A new product has been ordered to try as a liquid pre-treater that can be used with a handheld sprayer to apply. Jamie is going to try it on a few problem areas before looking into buying a larger amount of it. There were more sewer problems at Sycamore R-V Park. One line was jetted and a camera was sent into the line; a broken pipe was found and repaired. While repairing it a large piece of red brick was found in the line. The Christmas décor is up, KCP&L once again assisted with this. The city assisted the Tarkio Board of Public Works with a water leak located on the east side of 10th Street just south of the old Pizza Hut.

Chris Hogue – Animal Control. The pound had three dogs dumped during the night and four cats were taken to the pound. Some of the animals were adopted and two cats were taken to the shelter by Megan McAdams.

Chief Gibbons – Tyson handed out his report of stops and cases, no questions were asked. Gibbons informed the board that they would be going to Nebraska City on December 21 for Shop With a Cop with the Rock Port Police Department. Around 10-15 children will be shopping.

Adam Stanton – Building Inspector. Stanton was not present.

Clerk Jones – Financials were given for November and no questions were asked.

The aldermen voted to approve payment of the outstanding bills.

Mayor Morehouse asked the board to approve the yearly salary incentive for employees. Poppa made a motion to give the same amount that was given in 2018. Dow seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m. The next regular meeting will be January 8, 2020.