March 2, 1945

• A 15” deep blanket of snow was quite a surprise last Friday evening to Joe Bowen, civilian pilot of Memphis, Tennessee, who unsuspectingly tried to land on the local airfield. In his maneuvers after noticing the difficulty that confronted him on the ground, Mr. Bowen accidentally nosed the plane over on its back and the propeller, carburetor, and tail fin were considerably damaged. However, Mr. Bowen and his passenger were uninjured. A report from Springfield indicated that all was clear in this area despite the fact that the Tarkio airport had sent out the news of the snow.

• An excerpt from a letter from Lloyd Farley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Farley, east of Tarkio, who is in the Philippine Islands: “I suppose everyone back there has been wondering or have probably guessed why I haven’t written. We have really been through some tough days, but I have a lot to be thankful for. I was on the front every day with my outfit and came through without a scratch. I hope I shall always be that lucky…Gen. MacArthur was up to the front one day during one of our battles. I got to see him from a distance. I was really surprised to see him in a place such as that.”

March 5, 1970

• An attractive 4’ by 12’ sign advertising Tarkio has been erected by the Light and Power Co. on the John Graf land just east of the Brownville Bridge facing traffic approaching from the west. The Tarkio Community Betterment project was headed by Harold Boatman with D.A. Ferguson, Everett Poage and Jack Davis. The sign says “Tarkio 15 miles, College, AA Schools, Golf, Tennis, Swimming Pool, Air Port, and Historic Mule Barn,” along with highway depictions of how to get to Tarkio.

• “Controlling International Conflicts in the ’70s” will be the topic of David Lenefsky when he addresses a special convocation at Tarkio College March 10. A specialist in international law, he holds the Doctor of Law degree in international law from the New York University School of Law. In 1965, he left the New York law firm of Hansel, Altman, and Leonard to accept the position as Policy Analyst and Researcher with the United Nations Association of the United States of America.

March 2, 1995

• The Indian Wrestling Club in Tarkio hosted a youth wrestling tournament on Saturday, February 25, at the THS Gym. There were 95 youngsters who competed from 11 different towns.

• Community Care in Tarkio update: Congratulations were given to residents Lindell “Shorty” Markham and Dorothy Cass for being chosen as Community Care of America’s Valentine King and Queen. After the crowning, which was attended by a large crowd of party goers, everyone enjoyed bingo and refreshments.

• The Tarkio Lady Indians have a 21-0 record and are ranked fourth in the state and the Tarkio Indians have a 20-2 record and are ranked eighth in the state.