By Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club met at my home February 25, 2020, on a cloudy day, but there was no ice or snow. Two members were still “under the weather” so Marie Adams and Sharon Smith helped us out. Janell McQuinn had high score, Marie Adams had second high, and I managed to get my quarter back, winning low.

Norma Bradfield was hostess honoring our first president, George Washington. That gentle-man is known as the father of our country, but is just as famous for cutting down a cherry tree, thereby making cherry desserts a necessity in February. Starting with a big white cake, Norma added another layer of good stuff consisting of pudding, cool whip, and cream cheese. Then cherry pie filling was piled on top and we added a little flag for Mr. Lincoln, too.

The chit-chat was about the coming election on March 10, the state of dike repair since some workers were leaving this area, the upcoming Hospital Auxiliary dinner, ball tournaments, and any number of other things until someone noticed it was getting dark and was time to go home.