The Fairfax R-3 Board of Education met February 19, 2020. Mike Lewis, President, called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. Present were board members Chris Smith, Sam O’Riley, Doug Miller, Marshall Oswald and Josh Oswald. Board member Jon Graves was absent. Others present included Fairfax R-3 Superintendent Jeremy Burright, Fairfax K-12 Principal Dustin Barnes, board secretary Karen Burke, and CTA representatives Whitney Harrington and Aleesha Lemar.

The board received a thank you card from Ryan, Sarah, Tony and Maggie Osburn for the use of the building for Dana Osburn’s memorial service.

Mike Lewis presented the agenda and the board approved it with any additions and deletions as presented.

Financial Report/Monthly Reconciliation

5.2 Financial Report R3160

5.2.A. Monthly Reconciliation

5.2.A.1 18-19 Year

5.2.A.2 19-20 Year

5.2.B. Monthly Budget Comparison

• Last year total YTD revenues totaled 1,734,662.17. Includes the $263,000 insurance payment in the clearing account.

• This year total YTD revenues totaled $1,723,141.11 without the $263,000 from clearing. This places the district over last year’s revenues by about $250,000.

• Last year total YTD expenses totaled $1,148,962.02.

• This year total YTD expenses total $1,062,187.60. Expenses are lower this year by $86,774.42. This does not include last year’s bus purchase which was recorded on the May accounting cycle. However, some roofing payments were made last year prior to the end of the year.

• The district is still waiting on some of the estimated local taxes. The estimated revenue with the current assessed valuation was $1,071,230 and the district has currently received $963,552.28 (+61.318.10 not shown). Total local revenue last June was $1,395,079.31 (including SA). The budget this year for local revenue is $1,387,361.00 (including SA).

5.2.C. Fund Balance Report

• Last year YTD fund balance: $1,617,513.98.

• This year YTD fund balance: $1,680,541.92. Up by $63,027.94 from last year and $714,229.51 since July. The 18-19 ASBR fund balance was $1,019,584.07.

The February monthly bills in the amount of $50,769.10 were reviewed and approved for payment.

Lease Purchase Update: $51,959.71.

Superintendent Report

Construction Update

Fire Alarms: No update, have not received a call back from them at this point.

Window Repair: Wilson Group came in on Tuesday and fixed the window in the gymnasium.

Wind Farm Update: Doug stated to date there have not been a lot of leases signed. We need to contact South Creek and try and get the ball rolling.

Superintendent Cohort: Dr. Burright will be gone to Professional Development on Feb. 27 and 28 and will meet with the legislators in March.

Property: It was brought to the attention of the board members that some property adjacent to the school may be of interest to our organization.

Directives Update: As far as the cleanliness, Dr. Burright has gathered a committee for building and maintenance. They will try and meet quarterly for discussion of the upkeep.

The Outreach, Dr. Burright requested clarification. The end goal is to have communication with the townspeople, personal connection with the community, community involvement.

Principal’s Report

General Information

1. County Band Day was held last week in Tarkio. The performance was really good as normal!

2. The school year is just past the middle of the 3rd Quarter.

3. Teachers had PD Today. The Elementary went over our 2nd NWEA Math assessment. The majority of the students showed some great gains!

4. K-2 teachers have been able to really implement our new reading phonics curriculum, Really Great Reading. We are seeing some great gains and are very impressed with the program.

5. Elementary Group has finished the evaluation of the Math Curriculum and Grade Level Expectations. We are starting to dig into the ELA Standards and curriculum.

6. Ag Contests will be starting up shortly.

7. Parent Teacher Conference Day will be coming up either March 12th or 13th.

8. Prom is March 21st.


1. District Basketball – Girls received the #2 seed and will play Monday, Feb. 24th at 7:30 p.m. in Gower. The Boys received the #4 seed and will play Bishop LeBlond Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 6:00 p.m. in Gower.

3. Wrestling – JH Wrestling is off and running. We have two wrestlers from Fairfax.

4. Spring sports’ practices will start the week of March 2nd.

5. Scholar Bowl starts March 5th. Six students are out for the team right now.

The consent agenda was approved.

School Calendar Approval: Josh Oswald made a motion to approve the proposed 2020-2021 school calendar as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

Snow Make Up Days: Josh Oswald made a motion to approve the use of inclement weather make-up days as follows: March 12 full day, March 13 ½ day, April 13 full day, May 15 ½ day. The motion passed unanimously.

Lease Purchase Payment: Doug Miller made a motion to approve the annual, agreed-upon lease purchase payment in the amount of $53,721.81. The motion passed unanimously.

Tru 2 U Payment: Marshal Oswald made a motion to approve the payment of $2,283.80 to Tru 2 U for vehicle repairs. The motion passed unanimously.

Midwest Recreational payment: Josh Oswald made a motion to approve the payment of $1,620 to Midwest Recreational for snow removal. The motion passed unanimously.

Sped Track Payment: Doug Miller made a motion to approve the payment of $2,350 to Ion Waves Tech for the annual Sped Track software fee. The motion passed unanimously.

Board Policy Updates: Doug Miller made a motion to approve the changes to policies 2640, 2874, 4870. The motion passed unanimously.

JH Cross Country: Sam O’Riley made a motion to approve the creation of JH Cross Country. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m. The next meeting will be March 19 at 6:30 p.m.