New opportunities for course offerings continue to arise at Tarkio Tech. Kawasaki Manufacturing has reached out to Tarkio Tech for a specially designed course in advanced TIG welding. After meeting with their leadership and visiting the plant, a thirty-six hour class has been designed to help remediate some of the problems they are having in their die repairs.

In addition, Maryville Treatment Center, a minimum security facility, has requested meetings with Tarkio Tech to explore the possibility of offering classes to their clientele. These would be full certificate programs designed to provide career training that the graduates can use to start life-changing careers after their release.

Finally, after numerous requests, Tarkio Tech will be designing a follow-up course for its students in the continuing education welding course that concludes on March 14. This will be an evening class offered during the summer.

There will also be a summer education opportunity for graduating high school seniors. Tarkio Tech’s summer program will consist of a twelve-week basic certificate in Welding Technology. This region has a wide employment demand for certified welders through a variety of employers. The summer program, which will begin on June 1 and conclude on August 26, will provide students with the necessary skills to receive their welding license. For high school graduates who want to enter the work force as quickly as possible, this provides an excellent path to that goal.

During the month of March, the Tarkio Rotary Club has selected the “Little Theater” in Thompson Learning Center as their annual community project. They will be cleaning, painting, replacing ceiling tiles, and refurbishing the theater seats. This will allow the area to be opened for events that have been scheduled on the campus and make it available for community groups. For more information,email or call (660) 623-9071.