Fairfax R-3 School has announced its perfect attendance for the third quarter (January 7-March 6, 2020) has been announced.

Students who made the list include:

Smart Steps Preschool – Lucy Heck, Damon Lambert, Jonah Long, and Emmett Umbarger

First grade – Ava Oswald

Third Grade – Brenna Kingery and Jude Long

Fourth Grade – Lataveon Brown and Tyler Duering

Fifth Grade – Chase Gayler, Mason Kingery, Connor Miller, and Piper Morris

Sixth Grade – Braylon Foster and Tate Johnson

7th Grade – Kendall Kingery, Cowen O’Riley, Grace Oswald, and Luke Swinehart

8th Grade – Tyzjuan Kirkland and Jasey Smith

9th Grade – Zackery Kingery, Cameron Oswald, and Georgia Swinehart

11th Grade – Kaden Cooper and Ian Hedlund