March 16, 1945

Pre-Easter services will be conducted at the Methodist and Baptist churches during Holy Week. There will be special messages each evening from March 26-30 at the Baptist Church, with a song service and special music numbers. The pastor, Rev J.H. Houston, invites the attendance of the public. Rev. C.S. Peacocke of the Methodist Church has arranged a series of special services, starting Sunday, March 25, and continuing each evening the next week and climaxing the series with Easter Sunday services. The church extends an invitation to the public to attend.

March 19, 1970

Junior High students had a chance to pick the students they thought were the “most” this week. When ballots were counted, the finals were as follows: Clay Knierim and Jill Wanamaker, Best Dressed and Most Popular; Barry Minter and Kim Maurer, Best Dancers; Kim Maurer and Sherwood Duhon, Cutest Couple; Debbie Davison and Barry Minter, Sexiest; Kim Maurer, Best Figure; Clay Knierim, Best Physique; Robert Wolf, Biggest Wolf; Kim Burke, Biggest Flirt; Kim Burke and Eric Miller, Most Talkative; Willie Holmes, Kim Maurer, Prettiest Eyes; Ann Million and Clay Knierim, Most Likely to Succeed; Lori Ebert and Gary Grebe, Most Innocent Looking; Rebecca Boettner and David Stoner, Most Scholarly.

March 16, 1995

The Rock Port Garden Club met Monday, March 13, in the Community Room at Bank Midwest. Ten members were present and enjoyed a presentation given by Keith W. Hawxby, PhD, Horticulture Specialist from St. Joseph, Missouri. The program, which was arranged through Bob Chapple and the University Extension Office, was on pruning and transplanting. The Garden Club Spring District meeting will be held April 1 in St. Joseph.

Four Blue Jay senior basketball players were selected to the 275 All-Conference Team this past week. They were: seniors Zack Smith, Curt Christians, Patti Gubser, and Halley Evans.

County Government Day brings students from throughout the county to see and hear first hand what goes on in each of the offices. This annual event is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliaries of the county.

W.H and Lois Herron will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, March 26, 1995, with an open house at the First Lutheran Church. This event will be hosted by their two children and families. W.H and Lois Cooper were married March 22, 1945, by Rev. D.L. McConnell at the Lutheran parsonage in Rock Port. They have lived and farmed in Rock Port their entire married life.