The Fairfax R-3 School Board held their regular board meeting March 19, 2020. Mike Lewis, board president, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Also present were: Chris Smith, Sam O’Riley, Doug Miller, Marshal Oswald, Josh Oswald, and Jon Graves, board members; Fairfax R-3 Superintendent Jeremy Burright; Fairfax K-12 Principal Dustin Barnes; secretary Karen Burke; and Lauren Clark and Twilla Clark, CTA representatives.

Mike Lewis presented the agenda. Doug Miller made a motion to approve the agenda with any additions and deletions as presented. The motion passed and the vote was approved.

Financial Report/Monthly Reconciliation

5.2.A Monthly Reconciliation

5.2.A.1: 2-18-19 Year

5.2.A.2: 2019-20 Year

5.2.B. Monthly

Budget Comparison

• Last year total YTD revenues totaled $2,091,979.81. This includes the $263,000 insurance payment in the clearing account.

• This year total YTD revenues totaled $1,867,903.57 without the $263,000 from clearing. This places Fairfax R-3 over last year’s revenues by about $38,923.

• Last year total YTD expenses totaled $1,230,038.28.

• This year total YTD expenses total $1,295,067.47. Expenses are lower this year by $65,029.19. This does not include last year’s bus purchase which was recorded on the May accounting cycle. However, some roofing payments were made last year prior to the end of the year. This year does include a van purchase and a higher lease purchase payment.

• Overall current projections based on the school’s expenditure history places expenditures about $200,000 below estimated revenues. Fairfax R-3 will most likely end closer to its budgeted $60,000. Unexpected expenditures will still impact the school and so will the shut down. Revenues will stay steady, but day-to-day expenditures will be reduced.

5.2.C. Fund

Balance Report

• Last year YTD fund balance: $1,541,579.53.

• This year YTD fund balance: $1,592,416.21. This is up by $51,000 from last year and $761,997.38 since July. The 2018-19 ASBR fund balance was $1,019,584.07.

5.2.D Activity Accounts

• YTD Revenue: $100, 208.

• YTD Expenses: $97,809

Payment of Bills: The March monthly bills in the amount of $330,539.74 were reviewed and approved for payment.

Special Report: Lease purchase update, $52,005.

Superintendent’s Report

Fire Alarms: The electrical is all lined out and a meeting was scheduled for the 19th or 20th with no follow-up from the company.

Inspections: Two buses failed the inspection process, but they are both in the process of being fixed.

Principal’s Report

Mr. Barnes reported that the third quarter ended on March 6.

All extracurricular activities are suspended at this point.

They are working on text and curriculum requests for next school year.

MAP testing was scheduled to take place in April, but has since been cancelled nationally.

NWEA results – Linking Study included:

• Elementary Math – Grades K-6: 96% of students showed growth, 75% of students met expected growth benchmarks, 46% of students met the winter benchmark.

• Elementary ELA – Grades 3-6: 60% of students met the winter benchmark.

• JH Math – 72.7% met winter benchmarks

• JH ELA – 57% met winter benchmarks.


Mr. Barnes also reported that all sports practices and games have been suspended until further notice.

MSHSAA has announced the following:

• Music contests are cancelled.

• Scholar Bowl districts and state are on hold until further notice.

• Spring sports – Wait and see at this point. May move some of the district and state competitions back later if possible and feasible to do so.

East Atchison spring sports practices had begun. A total of 19 had signed up to play baseball (13 Tarkio, 6 Fairfax). There were eight in high school boys’ track (all from Tarkio), 12 in high school girls’ track (7 Tarkio, 5 Fairfax), 14 in junior high boys’ track (9 Tarkio, 5 Fairfax), and 19 in junior high girls’ track (14 Tarkio, 5 Fairfax). East Atchison will not have a golf team this year.

Winter sports have concluded. The following athletes received post-season honors: Mercedes Parshall, Jaycee Graves, and Kilea Cooper, 1st Team All-Conference; Morgan Parshall, 2nd Team All-Conference; Jake McEnaney, 1st Team All-Conference; Trey Bowling, 2nd Team All-Conference; Ian Hedlund, Honorable Mention All-Conference; Jaycee Graves, Mercedes Parshall, and Jake McEnaney, All-District.

Junior high wrestling is wrapping up. Two Fairfax boys participated this year.

The Fairfax High School Scholar Bowl team has begun play and have been very competitive so far. There are seven students on the team.

The board voted to approve the consent agenda.

Salary schedule: The board approved a 2% raise to the base of the certified staff salary schedule and $0.59 raise for non-certified staff. These increases will be represented on teacher contracts and go into effect in the 2020-21 fiscal year. This consistent action by the board over the last few years represents a change for the Fairfax R-3 School District in terms of pay. Board members voted unanimously to increase certified staff base pay by 2% to $31,587 and to increase all non certified staff pay by $0.59.

The board is in the process of soliciting mowing bids.

Board members voted unanimously to waive Policy 4150 for Karlene Harrison and pay $100 for January 10, January 14, and January 15, 2020.

Board members also voted unanimously to allow Fairfax R-3 School to transport students to God Squad’s after school program.

The Instruction Plan was reviewed by the board members. Board members voted unanimously to approve the Fairfax R-3 School District Contagious Illness Emergency Shutdown Plan as presented.

The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, April 16, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.

The board meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.