Here is an update from Tarkio High School Principal Carrie Livengood:

Dear Parents and Students: April 2, 2020

I know this is a very difficult time for everyone with lots of questions and unknowns. I would like to provide you some information regarding your student’s education for the next four weeks.

*all school activities, including athletic events, FFA contests, field trips, prom, etc, scheduled to occur thru May 1st have been cancelled
*senior trip is cancelled
*IF we return to school on May 4th
**the schedule for seniors for the remainder of the school year will remain as it currently states, including the senior awards assembly and graduation
**no finals will be given-the final two weeks of school will be used as review of material and/or introduction of new material
**the last official day of school is May 15th with a 12:30 dismissal

*3rd quarter grade will be recorded as second semester grade (except online and dual credit)-if we return, additional grades may be entered
*if your student wants an opportunity to earn extra points to raise their current 3rd quarter grade/semester grade, the STUDENT MUST CONTACT THE TEACHER to inquire about extra work
*any student with an “F” in any class for 3rd quarter/semester will be required to complete all missing/incomplete work as well as the project(s) discussed below in order to earn a passing grade. Students/parents must log in to SIS to see grades and what assignments are missing. If you do not have access to this, please contact the superintendent’s office and leave a message with Mrs. Swaby.
*gradecards and school pictures will be mailed home

*each student will be provided a project for Math, English, Social Studies, and Science that groups of teachers have collaborated on and created. Our goal is for them to continue to build on the information they have already learned this school year. Your student will have from April 6-May 3 to complete all four projects. Any resources needed will be provided by the teachers. However, students may use any resources they have available at home
*each student will also be receiving a project/handouts/activities from our Guidance team to help support your student during this time
*if your student has an “F” in any core class, that core project is required to be completed and turned in with all missing/incomplete work in order to receive a passing grade
*if your student has an “F” in any non-core class, they will be required to complete one project for every class he/she has an “F”. For example, if you have 2 F’s-one in FACS and one in History, your student is required to complete the Social Studies project and one additional project as well as all missing work
*teachers will be emailing the projects to students so please make sure they are checking their email. If they don’t have access to email, a hard copy of each project will be available for pick-up at the north entrance of the high school on Monday, April 6th from 9:00-11:30
*all projects will be due when we return to school on May 4
*if our closure gets extended beyond May 4th, additional communication will be made with changes and adjustments to the information above
*these projects are not required unless necessary to raise a failing grade. These are provided as an opportunity for our students to continue their education while we are not attending school

As always, please contact me if you have additional questions!

Mrs. Livengood