Regular Meeting

April 16, 2020 – 7:00 p.m.

1.Call to Order

2.Roll Call

3.Adoption of Agenda

4.Approval of Minutes:

A.Calendar Hearing & Regular

Meeting – March 12, 2020

B.Work Study Session –

March 18, 2020

C.Work Study Session –

March 30, 2020

5.Review of Financial Information

6.Approval of Transfer of Funds

7.Approval of Bills:

A.March Final Check Register

B.April Check Register to Date

C.Activity Account Checks


9.Scheduled Audience:*


A.Elementary Principal

B.High School Principal


1.Monthly Program

Evaluation Reports

a.Student Athletics / Activities

2.Growth Plan Update

D.Board Members

11.New Business:

A.Certify Graduation

Class of 2020

B.Approve PDC Committee Goals

C.Consider Board Policy &

Regulation Updates

D.Approve MSBA Policies

effective 7/1/20

E.Consider MSBA Membership

F.Approve 2019-20

Budget Amendments

G.Consider 2020-21

Salary Schedules

1.Extra Duty

2.Non-Certified Preschool

Lead Teacher

H.Consider/ Approve Bids

for 2019-20 Technology Purchases

I.Accept Resignation

J.Employment of Personnel

1.Certified Staff

2.Non-Certified Staff

3.Extra-Duty Contracts

K.Future Business


Meeting will be held via videoconference to comply with the mandatory “Stay at Home” order issued by Governor Parson. Members of the public can find information on attending the virtual meeting at our website:

* In accordance with Policy 0412 persons who wish to be on the board agenda as a scheduled audience should contact the Superintendent. Participants should limit their comments to three minutes.