By Beverly Clinkingbeard

Westboro Alumni have gathered together for 121 years and 2020 was to be our 122nd year.

April 9th, Missouri Governor Mike Parsons announced, due to the sneaky virus that stalks our nation and world, closed schools would not re-open and everyone is to continue staying home. Considering the directive is for our own good, and given the age bracket of our alumni (“high risk”), the unofficial ad hoc alumni committee has postponed our meeting to the third Saturday of May, 2021. Pass the word! We do not have any way of individually alerting alumni.

Have the Westboro Alumni ever not gathered before? We’ve changed location, menus, friends, chairs and on and on, but have we ever postponed this special event in years past? As to the unofficial ad hoc committee, our stalwart past president, Sharron Pitner Brown, asked for volunteers at the 2019 alumni gathering. According to the record, no one offered to volunteer. Thus, we would continue as we were, except, unexpected events have a way of reshaping plans. (Our locked down state and nation, economy and health crisis is an example of the unexpected.)

We all were saddened when Sharron, president, alumni rally force and planner of our time together, lost a valiant fight against cancer. We were also saddened when Patty Gutsch Broermann Laur, our alumni treasurer, had an accidental fall, and subsequently, died. Thus, that leaves only me, myself, and I, as an officer, Beverly Clinkingbeard, secretary. Though being the only one official (?) office holder, a great helper is Westboro’s advocate, Carol Boyer Kirkpatrick, and Norma Mather, our registrar, who you have called over the years and left your name as attending.

Class recognition for 2020 is the 70 year class of 1950, Class of 1955, Class of 1960, Class of 1965, Class of 1970, Class of 1975 and any other later alumni who graduated from Tarkio, but was within the Westboro District. Next year, third Saturday of May, 2021, we’ll recognize classes of the above and that year as well.

Pass the word to other Westboro alumni. Meanwhile, the new slogan seems to be “Stay in. Stay safe.” Beverly Clinkingbeard, secretary,  660-984-5494  or

’Til next time.