April 27, 1945

• Expansion of the local popcorn plant of Manley, Inc. is continuing at a fast pace, with plans being formulated for construction of an estimated $15,000 to $20,000 corn dryer to add to the approximated $30,000 worth of improvements now in the process of completion. The drying unit will consist of at least four corn bins and a furnace room. The 90 degree Fahrenheit air will dry the corn in the bins to the proper popping stage, 14 percent moisture retained. By machinery, the corn will be dried in 24 hours, a process which by nature requires four to nine months.

• A United States Employment office is to be opened in Tarkio beginning the first of May. The personnel, including a director, stenographer, and an interviewer, will occupy the east side of the building that now houses the rationing office, owner Don Harvey said.

April 30, 1970

• Another mark in a 39-year-old Tarkio business firm will be observed Sunday when Davis Funeral Home will hold an open house at their newly constructed facility at 10th and Park Streets. The funeral home has a chapel with a seating capacity for 150 people. Slumber rooms on the west side also will serve as private family seating areas during the services with a seating capacity of 50.

• Temperatures in the Tarkio area ranged from a cool low of 31 degrees on the 23rd to a high of 90 degrees on the 28th. There was no precipitation recorded, according to Lester Morton, local official weather observer.

• Community Betterment members cleaned up the south community park and pool area Monday during their work day. Also this week, middle school Community Betterment members removed all the debris from the flower boxes along Main Street.

April 27, 1995

• K.C. Wolf was the featured speaker at the Atchison County D.A.R.E. graduation, where over 80 sixth graders received their D.A.R.E. certificates.

• This week marks the 110th year for the Tarkio Avalanche newspaper to serve the news and informational needs of the area.

• Three-way stop signs have recently been added at the intersection of Highways 136 and 59 in Tarkio. The new stop signs are stirring up quite a bit of discussion throughout town.

• Flags flew at half mast throughout Tarkio in memory of those who lost their lives in the tragic Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bombing which occurred April 19.

• Mandy’s Boyz – Andrew “G Funk” Dowis, Trenton “Dr. Tre” Traughber, Brent “Easy B” Clifton, and Tommy “T Dogg” Lindsay, stole the show in the second annual C.A.T. Variety Show, taking home first place.