April 27, 1945

• Sale of McMahon’s Hardware Store last week to H. Burte Gomel of Coin, Iowa, marks the retirement from business of one of Fairfax’s oldest business firms. The implement department was sold several weeks ago. The Gomel family will move to Fairfax as soon as they can get a suitable residence, which they hope will be before the beginning of the school term in September. Mr. Gomel will be unable to give the store his personal attention until the crop season is over and has employed Fred R. McMahon to conduct the business until he can take personal charge.

• Fairfax is soon to have a new grocery store. C.J. Lackey is installing a new stock of groceries in the Fairfax Locker Plant and is preparing to open the store soon.

• After drilling the Patterson oil test well northeast of Dotham to 1,500 feet last week, the well was pronounced a dry hole and abandoned.

• Fairfax chapter of the War Dads of America has made application for a charter and has 56 charter members.

April 30, 1970

• The new gas grills in the city park made fixing lunch an easy chore for those who fed the clean-up crew Saturday. The crew consisted of Community Betterment members, Girl and Boy Scouts, and adult volunteers. Tons of trash and dirt were removed from city streets and alleys and the firemen washed city streets after merchants cooperated in sweeping.

• The Fairfax R-3 Board of Education met in special session Tuesday night to sanction Supt. Kottman’s recommendation to hire Terry Michael to fill a vacancy in the athletic department. His teaching duties will include physical education, driver’s education, football coach, and assistant basketball and track coach.

April 27, 1995

• Mother Nature did a reverse on the weather last Saturday just in time with almost perfect temperatures for runners pursuing a medal or trophy at the 10th annual Pelican Pursuit. The event is sponsored by the Development Council of Community Hospital and is held at Big Lake State Park. There were 98 total runners.

• Over the Backfence by Nancy Gaines: “The O.J. saga drags on, now even the jurors are protesting. I bet Matlock and Perry Mason could have solved the thing, probably in just one hour!”