May 18, 1945

• Thirty-three seniors of the Fairfax High School were awarded diplomas in the 50th annual commencement held at the school auditorium Wednesday evening, May 16. Rev. J.W. Ward of Maryville, superintendent of the Maryville district of the Methodist Church, delivered the address.

• Fairfax grade school is the only grade school in Atchison County whose pupils have all been immunized against diphtheria. The eight grades of the school are 100 percent on diphtheria immunization and seven of the eight grades are 100 percent vaccinated against smallpox.

• The Fairfax Fire Department answered two fire alarms the past week. On Thursday morning, a motor at the Geiger and Graham grain elevator became overheated and the alarm was sounded. Only the motor suffered damage, but this will greatly handicap the grain company which for some time has been buying and shelling a great deal of corn. Just before midnight Saturday night, the rental property of Mrs. Ida McCollam, occupied by the William Shineman family, was discovered to be on fire. Seemingly it started in a studio couch against the north wall as it was entirely burned when fireman broke into the house and two holes were burned in the floor under where the couch stood.

May 21, 1970

• A clean sweep of things was made Saturday as a senior crew of leprechauns with brooms, buckets, and shovels cleaned Main Street in Fairfax as part of their initiation into the Fairfax R-3 Alumni Association.

• The 1970 Guardian yearbook of Fairfax R-3 is being dedicated to Willis Weedin, custodian of the school for the past several years. Mr. Weedin has won the admiration of students with his tireless devotion to keeping the school spic and span at all times and his willingness to assist students in activities above and beyond the call of duty.

May 18, 1995

• The Fairfax Girl Souts planted a tree near the outdoor mail drop at the Fairfax Post Office. The trees were given to post offices for the purpose of remembering the Oklahoma City children.

• The 100th commencement will be held this Sunday, May 21. There are 25 seniors and 21 eighth graders graduating. The address will be given by Rev. Ed Morrison, pastor of the United Methodist Church, Fairfax.

• The Fairfax Alumni Association is celebrating its 76th consecutive alumni banquet on Friday, May 19. There are 24 initiates. The theme is “Movie Tone News.”