A veteran’s memorial (as pictured), to also include a flag, will be added near the ballfield in Westboro as a tribute to the many who have and will serve in the U.S. military. (Beverly Clinkingbeard photo)

By Beverly Clinkingbeard

The Westboro Wildcat Days . . . they aren’t exactly a committee, but indeed, they are a ball team and volunteers. The kind of volunteers every community needs.

First, they dealt with the Westboro school building. For years it stood in a dilapidated condition and posed a dangerous situation with the building’s instability. Most everyone regretted seeing it deteriorate and felt a reluctance to say good-bye, but it needed to be.

Now that the heavy work of building removal is done, debris hauled out, dirt hauled in, and grass seedlings sprouting, it looks nice. The softball field is in good shape, groomed and ready for a game. The Wildcat Days Tournament is scheduled, but the field is open for others to practice and play on. There is a concession stand and restrooms.

That’s what is available now, so on to the next phase.

Alan McNaughton, a volunteer and spokesman, explained that in the long-range plan there will be a shelter house, approximately 15 x 30 feet. Little red flags designating the new shelter’s site wave in the breeze. To the east of the shelter house will be a veteran’s memorial (as pictured), cut from granite and etched on it, a flag and a tribute to the many who have and will serve in the United States of America military. There will also be a flag pole with lights to shine on the flag by night.

A memorial to the school is in the plans. Two cornerstones were set aside when the school was demolished. Bricks were saved, too. These will become the memorial and it will be erected to the east of the new shelter house.

They aren’t done yet, for there is more. The concrete floor of the former school gymnasium was saved. This is a future basketball court and near it will be playground equipment. The plan also calls for more landscaping and planting of trees.

All plans will be completed in phases and as funding becomes available. Supervisors of the project are Slade McNaughton and Shannon Wiley, along with Alan McNaughton, and a host of helpers who lent and lend labor and equipment.

Alan said he appreciates the many who have offered their equipment and strength to the ongoing project. “If it wasn’t for community involvement and interest, the project wouldn’t be where it is now and we’re anxious for each phase to be completed.”

Surely everyone is eager to leave the Spring of 2020 and COVID-19 behind to enjoy a ball game in Westboro beneath the shade of trees on the west, perched on the bleachers, or playing on the field.

Westboro Wildcat Days is a non-profit organization and gifts toward the project can be directed to: Westboro Wildcat Days, c/o Alan McNaughton, 13971 Satchel Avenue, Westboro, MO 64498. For more information, call Alan McNaughton at 660-744-3731.

’Til next time.