Rock Port R-II School recently recognized five employees upon their retirement. The group represented a century and a half of service to Rock Port R-II. Receiving awards were Steve Grossman, Jackie Miller, Marty Farley, Lyn Simmons, and Delores Holmes.

Steve Grossman worked for the Rock Port R-II School District in maintenance a total of 41 years.

Jackie Miller, seventh grade through 12th grade Spanish teacher, spent a total of 36 years in education, with 33 years in Rock Port.

Marty Farley was in education a total of 35 years, with all 35 in Rock Port as a kindergarten teacher.

Lyn Simmons, fifth grade teacher, taught in Rock Port for 33 years. She was in education a total of 34 1/2 years.

Delores Holmes started as a substitute in the Rock Port R-II School kitchen, then served seven years as kitchen manager for Lunchtime Solutions and OPAA.