Road striping operations have begun throughout the state and the Missouri Department of Transportation is urging motorists to use caution when encountering work crews.

MoDOT is currently striping two-lane roadways and will be working on freeways and expressways in June, July and August. Drivers will see slow-moving caravans of trucks refreshing the lines on the roadway.

“Safety is critically important to us – both the safety of our workers and the safety of motorists on Missouri highways,” said State Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer Nicole Hood. “Our striping crews are traveling at really slow speeds so please don’t drive distracted and pay attention. Buckle Up Phone Down.”

Striping crews must travel slowly as they paint roadway markings to ensure a good quality line. The striping trains move between 8 and 12 mph when workers are painting white and yellow lines on the highways. The trucks have flashing lights, boards with flashing arrows and signs that say, “slow vehicles” and “wet paint.”

Crisp, easy-to-see striping is a significant safety feature on roadways. MoDOT uses paint embedded with glass beads. The beads reflect headlight beams back in the direction of the motorist to make the stripes more visible, especially at night, wet road or low light conditions.

Most of the striping is done during daylight hours. However, it is not uncommon to see crews working at night on interstate highways and other high-volume divided highways. Rain or very damp conditions will cancel or cut short any striping work that is scheduled.