June 22, 1945

• Mrs. Katherine Taylor of the local telephone service exchange reports the number of calls answered in an average 48 hours. The count started June 11, just after midnight and lasted through June 12 closing at midnight and it was an amazing total of 14,113 calls. Local calls were 10,507; free calls to neighboring towns and communities were 3,311; and toll calls were 295.

• The fire department answered a call to the Lloyd Hayes home about 7:30 Monday morning, where an overheated cook stove had burned a hole in the kitchen wall back of a stovepipe, and the flames threatened to spread. The blaze was extinguished with only minor damage.

June 25, 1970

• Rev. Reid Swindler, pastor of the local Christian Church, aided by night custodian Richard L. Pearce, completed work of numbering all hospital rooms by Braille characters Sunday night. The small raised marks on invisible tape attached to each patient room make it possible for the blind pastor to call on patients without the aid of nurses to help him find rooms.

• Progress is evident at the site of Fairfax Community Housing’s new five-unit facility for senior citizens. Workmen are laying bricks for partial veneer application to match existing buildings and much inside construction has been accomplished, including electrical wiring, insulation, and some dry wall. The building should progress toward completion within 60 days.

June 22, 1995

• Eugene E. Zweiback, M.D., General Surgeon from Surgical Associates, P.C. of Omaha, joins the consulting medical staff at Community Hospital Association, Fairfax.

• Over the Back Fence by Nancy Gaines: “The Methodist gang left for New Mexico Sunday to build a house. They arrived at their destination safe and ready to begin work. It is our hope when they return they will have pictures and plenty of stories to tell.”

• The old Walkup’s Grove Baptist Church was bulldozed in these past weeks. The building was in poor condition and could not be repaired. The church was located south and east of Fairfax in Dale Township.