The City Of Fairfax Board of Aldermen held a regular meeting June 16, 2020. The meeting was called to order by Ryan Kingery, Mayor, at 6:45 p.m. Also in attendance were: Kristi Duering, Michael Oswald, Tabitha Wintz, and Beth Graves, Aldermen; John Brown, Water Superintendent; Lori Helfers, City Clerk; and Danny Kemerling, Treasurer.

The tentative agenda was approved, as well as the minutes of the regular meeting May 21, 2020, and the accounts payable.


The 1% sales tax passed and should go into effect in August. The council would like John to go ahead and get bids on chip and seal and asphalt. At this time John discussed the progress of patching the streets.

Danny received an email regarding another grant from USDA. He was not sure if Fairfax will meet the criteria for the grant but will reach out to USDA.


Danny Kemerling presented his treasurer report showing that all accounts are in balance.

Danny informed the council that the auditor is almost finished with the city’s audit. He will be in within the next week for some finalizing.

Lori Helfers gave a report on the nuisance letters that have been sent out.

Clean-up weekend was a success. A second clean-up weekend will be scheduled for August.

The vacant lot at 301 1st Street will be going up for bid in August on the courthouse steps.

A brief discussion was held on the lien the city has on the property. Lori will call Atchison County Collector to see what steps follow.

Lori will be out of the office a few days at the end of June. The aldermen voted to close City Hall on those days that Lori has off.

John and Steve continue to work with Conservation Agents to get rid of the buzzards in the park.

John and Steve both will be attending water conference classes in August.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m. The next meeting is July 15 at 6:30 p.m.