Carla Summa-Hermann, above middle, leads off the 5K race on Saturday, June 27, held in memory of her late husband, Doug, and to raise funds for the upkeep of the Doug Summa Memorial Park in Tarkio.

Sarah Murray and Chris Yates were the top finishers at the Doug Summa Memorial Park 5K Saturday, June 27, in Tarkio.

Jasper Navin placed 2nd in the 7-9 age group in the kids’ fun run.

Jaina Murray placed 1st overall in her race (the kids’ fun run).

The Doug Summa Mem-orial Park 5K Run/Walk was held Saturday morning, June 27, in Tarkio. The race began and ended at the Community Building next to the Doug Summa Memorial Park. Proceeds from the event go toward improvements at the park. The youngest kids ran a shorter race at the beginning before the rest of the pack ran their 5K around town. Results from the event follow:

Kids’ Fun Run

4-6 – Jaina Murray (1st), Gigi Vette (7th), and Aia Murray (8th)

7-9 – Jasper Navin (2nd), Maggie Summa (4th), and Abbie Summa (5th)

10-12 – Owen Summa (3rd) and Derek Scoggins (6th)


14 & Under – River Dow (1st), Timmy Holben (2nd), Delana Scoggins (3rd), and Aiden Summa

15-19 – Max Summa (1st), Cameron Mackey (2nd), Emily Ewing (3rd), and Jaidan Scoggins

20-29 – Brianna Nelson (1st), Skyler Oksman (2nd), Dean O’Brian (3rd), and Grant Holben

30-39 – Sarah Murray (1st), Aaron Schlueter (2nd), John Mackey (3rd), and Carrie Scoggins

40-49 – Chris Yates (1st), Wes Summa (2nd), Blu Dow (3rd), Marli Summa, Dallas Prather, Lee Harms, and Jason Summa

50-59 – Martha McCartney (1st)

60+ – Ken Kemerling (1st), Gary Harmann (2nd), Gina Mackey (3rd), Katherine Cox, Carla Summa-Hermann, Valerie Riddle, Joni Nelson, Kenna Levings, and Trudy Martin