The Rock Port Park Board met Wednesday, June 10, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Rock Port City Park and via Zoom.  Members present were Katey Kroeger, Jill Lager, Tisha Jackson, Clint Dougherty, Tawni Ellis, Shauna Farmer, Jennifer Geib, Sheena Roup, and Devon Sons.  Also present were: Riley Vogler, pool manager; Jeff Arp, MIRMA; and Todd Stevens, alderman Liaison.

Park Board members voted to approve the meeting agenda, the May 26, 2020, meeting minutes, and the May financials.

Dara Young was hired as 2020 season lifeguard at current lifeguard pay rate.

Painting and cleaning at the pool is finished. COVID-19 precautions are set and lounge chairs will be out and sanitized during cleaning breaks.

The swing bay for a handicap swing built versus buying from a vendor was discussed. Jeff explained MIRMA concerns on the matter.  The handicap swing will be taken down at this time as the straps on the swing are a concern, and toddler swings will be going back up by the park.  Jeff said all MIRMA standards are currently maintained. He also appreciated that the merry-go-round was removed and the Park Board is looking for a new one to replace it.

Stan from ACCO checked on the pool June 10.

Meek and Sons will be notified about the urinal in the boys’ restroom in the bathhouse, and to look at the drain valve to the baby pool.

Shauna will be completing training this week with the new lifeguards and doors will be ready to be opened June 15. Pool passes are being sold now.

Park Board members voted to donate two family passes this year.

The Park Board is looking into using a Chromebook for the pool/park to maintain files electronically.

City employees involved in set-up and service of the pool can get a free pool pass. Katey will call to get a list of those employees.

Clean-up Day was held at the park June 4 and mulch was spread. A work order will be submitted to have weed killer sprayed at park and tennis courts.

The 4th of July was discussed. The park is open for the 4th of July and fireworks will be held, but other activities have not been set at this time. The pool will plan to do pool games pending COVID-19 stipulations at that time.

The park calendar has been tabled till the July meeting.

The Auburn softball/baseball team called to use the Rock Port softball field, but at this time Rock Port was unable accommodate them.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.