Spectators enjoyed the fireworks show sponsored by the Rock Port Chamber of Commerce and conducted by the Rock Port Fire Department.

Brandon Athen shows off his diving moves at the Rock Port Municipal Pool during the 4th of July games.

The Rock Port Municipal Pool was full of kids on the 4th of July this year. Kids enjoyed the cool entertainment and took part in several games. Results were: Overall Dive Contest – Michael Pruett, Anna Weber, and Blaze Krogen; Splash Contest – Ethan Brumbaugh, Blaze Krogen, and Michael Pruett; Letter Contest – Blaze Krogen, Michael Pruett, and Anna Weber; Flip or Dive – Caleb Palmer, Braxton Melton, and Wyatt Huntley; Choice Move – Ethan Brumbaugh, Caleb Palmer, and Brandon Athen; Watermelon Race (Advanced Group) – Ethan Brumbaugh and Anna Weber, Ryan Athen and Aricin Weber and Tayden Cook and Carter Oswald; Watermelon Race (Regular) – Keira and Olivia Roup, Kenden Melton and Caleb Palmer, and Jayden Geib and Tate Johnson; Hungry Hippos – Mason McMahon and Tayden Cook, 1st; Kiera and Olivia Roup, 2nd; and Cole Adams and Justin Kuhns, 3rd.