Robert L. Rice, prosecuting attorney for Nodaway County, Missouri, has resigned from that office, effective at 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 3, 2020. The court has appointed David A. Baird to serve as special prosecuting attorney for Nodaway County starting on the effective date until a successor is appointed by Governor Michael L. Parson.

David Baird remarked, “I am still practicing in my private practice and it is not affected by this short appointment. I have served as a special prosecuting attorney on numerous cases at the request of judges throughout northwest Missouri for years when the elected prosecutor has a conflict on the case. In this instance, Judge Prokes asked and I agreed to help Nodaway County and law enforcement and serve as special prosecutor in Nodaway County for the period from when Mr. Rice’s resignation is effective until the Governor appoints the new prosecutor. The purpose is to ensure that existing cases continue to move through the court process and new charges can be filed during the few weeks between the resignation and appointment. Just like when I am appointed in other cases as special prosecutor, it does not affect my regular practice or other cases, both of which continue.”