July 13, 1945

• Tomatoes on potato vines were discovered this week by Rufus Ivy, who brought the evidence of the freak growth to the Avalanche office. While potatoes grew on the vines below the ground, small green “tomatoes” formed on the vines above the ground. Actually, they are potato seeds, Mr. Ivy says, and sometimes occur in wet years, but they look like real tomatoes on the outside and inside and smell like green apples.

• One hundred nine young people and adult workers were enrolled in the Young People’s Camp held at Tarkio College Tuesday through Thursday of this week under the auspices of the Women’s Missionary Union of the Northwest Missouri Baptist Association. The 88 boys and girls and 21 sponsors, workers, and faculty members came from Baptist churches in Fairfax, Forest City, Maryville, New Liberty, Rock Port, and Tarkio.

July 16, 1970

• Attendance for the three performances of the 15th Annual Missouri State Championship Rodeo reached nearly 4,000 in what was termed by officials as the largest and most successful since the national competition was held here in 1963.

• “Concerto Night at the Mule Barn,” the third concert of the summer series, will be presented in the Mule Barn Theatre, July 17. Performing artists will be Mark Peters, violist, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and William Mansfield, pianist, Assistant Professor of Music at Tarkio College.

July 13, 1995

• Tarkio recently had a team participate in the Special Olympic World Games held in New Haven, Connecticut. The Strike-Etts, with team members Jennifer Brown, Leola Brown, Nancy Cumings, and Debbie Currie comprised a team in the Unified Bowling competition. The team ended up winning a silver medal in Unified Singles and Jennifer and Leola finished 5th and Nancy and Debbie finished 4th in doubles.

• Heavy winds hit the Tarkio area in the early morning hours of July 4, resulting in many branches and limbs being blown to the ground throughout town.