The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Mayor Tim Morehouse called the meeting to order. Roll call was done by Clerk Rebecca Jones: aldermen Scott Poppa, Mike Klosek, Jr., Blu Dow, and Andy Riley were all present. Jones swore in the newly-elected officials: Mayor Morehouse, North Ward Alderman Blu Dow, and South Ward Alderman Michael Klosek, Jr. Visitors present were: Kyra Mills, Curtis Hedrick, Jessica Walker, and Jim Allen with the Tarkio Board of Public Works; Ashlee Driskell and Heather Olson with the Park Board; and Mark Staten, Nan Stepp and Dallas Prather with Tarkio Renewal. Tarkio city employees present included: Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby, Officer Adam Stanton, Building Inspector Jesse Payne, and Park Superintendent Chris Hogue. Present via Zoom were the following: City Auditor Kenny Hales; Diane Hofer, Olsson Associates; and Chief of Police Tyson Gibbons and Laura Gibbons.

The board voted to approve the May 13, 2020, regular meeting and the May 29 special meeting minutes as distributed.

Visitors Mark Staten, Nan Stepp and Dallas Prather were in attendance to discuss the New-2-You building. The Tarkio Renewal group spoke about the letter drive they sent out to take down the building.

City Auditor Kenny Hales reported that the 2019-2020 audit has been completed. Mr. Hales gave an overview of the audit and talked about the fire department assets, trucks and equipment housed at the fire department building.

Mayor Morehouse opened the one RFQ received for the Consultant for Airport projects. The only qualifications received were from Olsson and Associates of Lincoln, Nebraska. The next few projects being done with 100% federal funds will be around $667,000.00 for airfield improvements at Gould Peterson Municipal Airport, such as taxi-lane repair and markings, and a utility building. The aldermen voted to approve Olsson Associates as the consultant for these projects when approved by MoDOT. Diane Hofer spoke on the federal funding that Gould Peterson will be receiving in the amount of $30,000 for a tractor for pulling the mower at the airport. Questions arose about the funding being a reimbursement. Mayor Morehouse wants to look into this further.

The representatives from Tarkio Board of Public Works were present to give information on a request of an increase in billing for water and sewer. The board has been at a loss for the last two years. Mr. Hales, the Board of Public Works auditor, also gave the Board of Aldermen information on the numbers and what may happen if the increase does not happen. Other cities have been taken over by bigger companies and the rate may be quite a bit higher than what they would have to be now. The city will have a public hearing on July 16, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. to allow for citizens to have input in the request.

Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 250.20, Ordinance No. 236.20, An Ordinance of the City Of Tarkio, Missouri, Declaring the Results of the General Election Held in the City of Tarkio, Missouri, on the 2nd day of June, 2020. The board approved Bill No. 250.20. Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill No. 250.20, Ordinance No. 236.20. The board approved Bill No. 250.20, Ordinance No. 236.20.

James Quimby, street superintendent, spoke on the questions asked last month about the bidders of the 2020 asphalt overlay for the streets. Herzog and Keller Construction, both of St. Joseph, were the bidders. After a lengthy discussion, the aldermen voted three to one to approve Herzog’s bid of $74,900.00 for the 2020 asphalt overlay, due to the second bidder not coming into Tarkio to look at the streets as specifications are written. Herzog was awarded the bid.

Mayor Morehouse opened bids for the Allis Chalmers grader. The first bid was from Jesse Payne of Tarkio for $1,250.00. The second bid was from Klosek LLC of Tarkio for $1,001.00. The board voted to accept Jesse Payne’s bid of $1,250.00.

Park Board President Ashlee Driskell and Heather Olson were present to explain the Active Living Community Grant that a group of them are trying to put together with Debbie Bennett from the Missouri Extension office. The group would like to put a walking trail around the perimeter of the Doug Summa Park, pool and ball field. It would be mostly chat path and ¾ mile in length. The board discussed options and gave explanations of what amount of money and work they believed would take to make this trail. The grant would be for $10,000.00 if awarded. The board voted to allow the group to proceed with the grant.

Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 251-20, Ordinance Number 237-20, An Ordinance Regarding Obtaining Real Estate Between the City of Tarkio and the Personal Representative of the Donna Dewees Family. Board members voted to approve Bill No. 251-20, Ordinance Number 237-20. Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill No. 251-20, Ordinance Number 237-20. The board approved Bill No. 251-20, Ordinance Number 237-20. Bill 251.20, Ordinance Number 237-20, was approved.

Department Reports

Blu Dow, City Buildings: Dow Construction still plans to fix the pillars at the Community Building, but he is way behind. Dow spoke with Smith about the entrance area at the south side of City Hall. It is crumbling on the inside wall. Smith had looked at it briefly, but will return to look at it better.

Mike Klosek, Fire Department – Nothing to report.

Andy Riley, Parks and Pool – Hogue reported a leak under the slide at the pool and a pipe needed a new flange.

Scott Poppa, City Streets: Quimby gave his report. Victor Phillips was up and completed the 1,000-hour maintenance for the front loader and Quimby and Hogue completed the maintenance on the skid loader. Workers continue to try to social distance. There were several tree limbs down after the storms. Several ditches have been cleaned and dug. The weeds on Main Street and a few other places are being sprayed and some cold patch has been laid. Hogue reported that there were two dogs in the pound (both were adopted).

Tyson Gibbons, Tarkio Police Department – Chief Gibbons gave his report of stops and cases.

Stanton gave the city an update on buildings to be taken down. The Electronics Plus building at 324 Main Street and the previous Tarkio/Westboro/Fairfax Community Food Pantry building at 415 Main are scheduled for demolition towards the end of July. Tarkio Renewal sent letters out for a drive for funds to demolish the New-2-You building at 311 Main Street.

Becky Jones, City Financials: Clerk Jones asked the board members if they had any questions on the financials. There were no questions.

The board members approved the payment of the outstanding bills. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.