August 3, 1945

• T/Sgt. James S. Hunkins, son of Dr. J.B. Hunkins, arrived Sunday with an honorable discharge from the army by way of the point system, and he had plenty of points to spare. Jim has seen five and one-half years service in the Pacific. He was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese started the war with their sneak attack and has seen service in Guadalcanal, the Marshalls and the Philippines, and wears seven bronze battle stars. He was at sea 38 days on the return trip and landed in Virginia.

• J.O. Bolin has sold his residence property in Fairfax to Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Wilson of Kansas City, who expect to move to the place to make their home. The price was $2,100. S.J. Peterson has bought three pieces of town property. He has purchased from Chas. Schooler the property now occupied by Clifford Whittington and family, the Bob Farris property in the north part of town, and the M.E. Crawford rental property now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hank Viets.

August 6, 1970

• Cindy Bolton challenges all comers for honors in onion growing. She showed off her prize crop, displaying the 1.5 pound specimen which measures 4.25 inches across.

• Keeping a neat and trim yard in spite of hot, dry weather has won lawn of the month honors for Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Whitford, the Fairfax Garden Club sponsors of the event announced. Given honorable mention was Mrs. Florence Dunlap.

August 3, 1995

• The Mulvania building on the corner of Broadway and Main streets in Fairfax sold to Gene Bradfield Monday afternoon at a public auction.

• Over the Backfence by Nancy Gaines: “I certainly enjoyed the fresh green beans from JoAn Freemeyer and Jean Schooler and the beets from Pat Hawkins. They were delicious. Jean slipped in a blueberry muffin with her package and they just melted in your mouth. Thanks, friends, for the goodies! Thought for the day, ‘Always do right, this will gratify some and astonish the rest.’”