August 10, 1945

• A deal was closed last week whereby J. Burte Gomel became the owner of the Fairfax Truck & Tractor Company, which has been operated here since February by Rex Shandy of Rock Port. Mr. Gomel also bought the two business buildings which the store occupies. In April, Mr. Gomel bought the McMahon hardware store and now comes into ownership of the implement department, placing both businesses under the ownership of one firm again.

• Fairfax and community got a near cloudburst last Friday morning. Rainfall measured three and one-fourth inches here, but it came without wind and was a steady downpour lasting several hours, so little damage was done. However, the swollen Tarkio River burst the levee near the highway bridge and flooded a large area. Some 35 acres of Ray Smith’s corn were ruined.

August 13, 1970

• Not to be outdone by the young fry, gardener Louis Bell displayed a prize head of cabbage at the Forum office. The 11-pound head should make enough slaw or kraut to feed the neighborhood and speaks well for “city farmer.”

• Lane and Gale Seymour of Fairfax were speech contest winners at the 4-H Achievement Days in Tarkio. They will compete in state contests September 12 in Columbia.

August 10, 1995

• Candidates for Miss Fairfax are Brooke Osburn, Kenna Demott, Megan Smith, Julie Hunter, Danielle Beck, Kaitlin Seymour, Andrea Harding, and Katrina Ball.

• A surprise birthday party was held August 4 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Jones in Fairfax honoring Fern’s 70th birthday.

• Over the Back Fence by Nancy Gaines: “The Fairfax Ministerial Alliance is making plans for the community church service in the city park on Sunday, August 20. Reverend Allan Bash, pastor of the Fairfax Christian Church, will be the preacher. I think you all need to consider using the water fountain as the pulpit, at least it is in the shade, plus the congregation will be closer to you all because they want to sit in the shade. Remember how hot that stage was last year?”