August 17, 1945

• Erich Ernsting is remodeling the front of his business house (the former McKinney building) by having a brick panel built under the large plate glass window to replace what has been a stucco-finish panel.

• Capt. Willard Millikan, whose war exploits and capture by the Germans has been told in these columns, was a Rock Port visitor Wednesday afternoon. Characterized as one of the crack pilots of the U.S. air command, Capt. Millikan was shot down over enemy territory and taken prisoner. He was a prisoner in a camp near Berlin and later in Bavaria for a year. He served overseas three and a half years.

August 20, 1970

• Arson is blamed for an explosion and fire Sunday night that destroyed much of the lower portion of the 20-room home in Blanchard, Missouri, formerly owned by the Ridgeway family. The home was a historic showpiece and was noted especially for the fine woodwork it contained. Built by Samuel L. Ridgeway, construction beginning in 1902 and completed in 1904, it was owned by the family until 1963. It contained an elevator and eight fireplaces.

• Turkeys scattered all over the road Wednesday morning following the wreck of a tractor-trailer loaded with 1,156 of the birds upset on a curve two miles east of Rock Port.

• Mrs. G.S. Polson and her daughter, Judi, and Miss Caroline Klemme, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Klemme, all of Rock Port, recently toured the American Museum of Atomic Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The museum, which is contained in the Oak Ridge Hall of Science, features demonstrations and displays on the peaceful uses of the atom.

August 17, 1995

• There has been a change at the Rock Port school. The street running on the west side of the school will no longer be a “through” road due to the ever present danger of children being hit along the area.

• Eunice Mae Shadwick celebrated her 104th birthday August 14. She was born on that day in 1881 north of Rock Port, Missouri, to John Henry Minter and Mina (Knierim) Minter. Eunice has been a resident of Pleasant View Nursing Home since June 17, 1992.

• The new addition to the Rock Port Multi-Purpose Senior Center is nearly completed. It became necessary to add the 14’x18’ room for storage to comply with the inspector’s suggestions.