Dilapidated buildings on Main Street that have posed a hazard for years, as well as being an eyesore, are finally coming down. Red Rock, the same company that tore down The Walnut Inn, bulldozed the former Tarkio/Westboro/Fairfax Food Pantry on the 400th block of Main last week and also began the demolition of the New-2-You building (the former Vic’s Hardware building) on the 300th block of Main Street.

The company also took down the former Electronics Plus building at the corner of Main and 4th streets a couple of weeks ago. One worker said that most of the buildings they are tearing down in Tarkio were built in the late 1800s and were made of such soft brick and mortar that it’s a miracle they stood as long as they did, especially without upkeep and considering a lot of the building designs were made with only 50-year lifespans in mind back in those days.