Rock Port Senior Night was held Friday, August 28. Seniors who are involved in football, cross country, golf, cheer, and band were honored at the football game vs. DeKalb Friday, August 28, at Blue Jay Stadium. Senior volleyball girls will be honored Thursday, September 3, 2020, at the Rock Port vs. East Atchison game.

Amy, Joey, and Kelley Herron

Melissa and Lydia Masonbrink

Carrie, Remington, and Gary Stoner

Cara, Johnnie, and Johnny Davis

Crystal, RyAnne, and Todd Herron

Gina, Trey, and Daron Peshek

Chris, Raegen, and Chris Sticken

Michelle, Gabe, and Eric Abbott

Kandi, Kadyn, and David Dowdy

Tisha, Max, and Kevin Jackson

Okema Hale, Harlee Pritt, and Damien Pritt

Piper, Breanna, Alexa, Jody, and Kyle VanSickle

Camielle Silence, Clint Criger, Cayden Criger, Holly and Jeremy Huntley

Shauna, Makenna, and W.C. Farmer

Jennifer, Lauren, and Brian Kelly

Ottomina Hopkins, Tori Jordan, and Andy Hopkins

Jennifer, Rachel, and Phil Vogler