Aubrey Watkins, left, placed 4th in the Spoofound Invitational, and Caleb Lucas, right, placed 8th.

Blue Jays running in the Spoofound Invitational September 1, 2020, from left to right, were Aubrey Watkins, Caleb Lucas, Bannack Skillen, and Trulin Pankau. Blue Jay cross country runners competed in the Spoofhound Invitational September 1 in Maryville.

Bannack Skillen placed 26th.

Trulin Pankau placed 31st. (Photos by Stephanie Pankau)

Wolves’ Cross Country runner Daniel Lesher placed 15th in the Spoofhound Invitational. The Wolves placed 3rd as a team overall.

(Lesher Facebook photo)

The East Atchison and Rock Port Cross Country Teams traveled to Maryville, Missouri, September 1, 2020, to compete in the Spoofhound Invitational. The East Atchison Wolves placed 3rd overall as a team. Individual Atchison County athletes’ results follow:

Women 5K Run

4th – Aubrey Watkins (RP), 24:03.60

17th – Hayleigh Vinzant (EA), 28:58.40

Men 5K Run

8th – Caleb Lucas (RP), 20:46.82

10th – Jordan Graf (EA), 21:05.14

15th – Daniel Lesher (EA), 22:03.25

19th – Hunter Bennett (EA), 22:20.31

26th – Bannack Skillen (RP), 24:09.28

29th – Lucas Joesting (EA), 24:34.36

30th – Matthew Driskell (EA), 24:39.91

31st – Trulin Pankau (RP), 24:50.92

36th – Thomas Danielson (EA), 27:27.30

JV Girls’ 3200 Meter Run

5th – Jaecey Hill (EA), 21:44.95