Defensive linemen Colten Stevens gets in the back field to get the quick stop.

Wingback Phillip Herron cuts through an open hole to pick up seven of his 67 yards rushing on the night.

Gabe Abbott comes around the end as he picks up five of his 61 rushing yards.

Remington Stoner hauls in a pass from Trey Peshek for six points.

The Rock Port Blue Jays traveled to Barnard, Missouri, to take on Platte Valley for their second game of the season.

The first half was a defensive battle as it ended 6-12. The Jays had trouble finding their rhythm. Missing two of their starters, Aidan Burke and Micah Makings, the offense didn’t find itself until late in the second half, when receiver turned quarterback Trey Peshek was able to go to the air hitting Phillip Herron, Gabe Abbott for big gains and Remington Stoner for a touchdown.

The Blue Jays never quit and they showed a lot of grit and determination as they battled back, but just ran out of time ending the game 36-40. The Jays are at home on Friday night, September 11, taking on the Stewartsville Cardinals at 7:00 p.m.