Charla Graves, left, is teaching the art of stained glass at her new business, Wynn Dixee Glass Studio, in Fairfax.

Charla Graves of Fairfax, Missouri, has opened a stained glass business called Wynn Dixee Glass Studio (named in honor of Dave Wynn, who taught his skills to Charla). The new business is located inside The Walnut Shop, located on the north side of Fairfax at 26248 U.S. Hwy. 59, and offers classes to anyone in the area wanting to learn how to make beautiful works of art using glass.

Renting from Jim and Mary Salmond, Charla has renovated the space to fit the needs of making the stained glass. Using supplies provided by Dave Wynn and supplies purchased from his wholesale vendors, Charla is able to provide classes to any interested individual free of charge. They just pay for the materials they use in their projects (which are at very reasonable, wholesale prices). Right now, Charla has 10 students with two or three more who have shown an interest. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings and evenings, but she is willing to hold classes other days if necessary. Due to COVID-19 concerns, she prefers to keep the class size numbers low so if more days are needed to fit everyone in, that’s not a problem.

Charla said she took up this activity late in life and it’s perfect for anyone who has a little free time and wants to learn a different art form that can be displayed right in your own home. Because the classes are held at The Walnut Shop, the projects can also be framed inhouse, by Jim Salmond. Charla said she just wants to share the skill of making glass art with other people because she absolutely loves to do it. She hopes to have a website and Facebook page set up soon, but in the meantime she can be contacted at 816-261-2835.

Charla encourages anyone interested to give her a call. “It’s such a wonderful, fun activity; good times, with good friends, and it’s just a short drive down the road in Fairfax.”